Rainy Days & Mondays Never Get Me Down

Today is a rainy day & a Monday in the New York area. Just driving around has been quite a chore already. But that’s ok, Both days rolled into one can be very nice – or “get it all over with” before a weekend – depending on your perspective.

And the best way for me to get to the finale of a day that might be considered less than ideal is to create a finale to the day! Plan yourself a day’s end treat. For me it’s meeting fabulous friends at the end of the workday to go to a restaurant in the NY county of Westchester called Bollywood Bistro for Indian Cuisine (http://www.eatatbollywoodbistro.com/). I’ve never been there before but an option to look forward to some spice with my spicy friends makes the whole day more fun.

How will you add spice to your day? 🙂



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