Light & Hearty

Good afternoon.

It’s been a busy day in the world of KitchAnnette and lunch has turned late. It’s a funny in-between time… you are voraciously hungry but it’s close to dinner time and a snack won’t do it. I am opting to go light & hearty with a salad of substance.

So simple and refreshing but also fills you up without filling you out! Wash and chop a head of iceburg lettuce and put it in a big bowl. Add a jar of roasted red (or yellow) peppers and break into bite-size bits (you can roast and prep your own but today is not the day for me to do it). A can of your favorite bean – garbanzo, red kidney, black, or my choice now, cannelloni beans – dump it in. Season with sea salt & black pepper (add whatever else you find delicious), drizzle on some extra virgin olive oil, some white balsamic vinegar, and shake that baby up!




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