Thai One On!

It’s Sunday and you are a little fuzzy… a little smirk on your face… and your thoughts go to the night before. And what a night it was – lots of spice and sizzle! The satisfaction of an evening well spent.

Well no, this is not referring to a cocktail-infused, blackout-inducing evening. This is all about the taste sensations discovered when you indulge in Thai cuisine. I have found an amazing Thai bistro within walking distance of my boyfriend Marc’s home in Long Beach, NY called Cha Ba Thai Cusine. We were joined by our good friends, Qian & Scott Goldman, who were equally as impressed with our find.

Qian & Marc started with the  Tom Yum Goong (spicy Shrimp soup). You have to love food that actually has the word “yum” in it! Scott started with the Kanum Jeeb (Thai dumplings) and I had the Thai spring rolls.

We moved onto an array of amazing entrees. Scott went with a special green curry sea bass dish. Qian went with a beef and veggie dish. I’m not exactly sure which and she LOVES spice so she had them give her an extra boost of “wow”. Marc had the Shrimp Gang Paa and I tried the Chicken Red Curry. All dishes came with jasmine rice but I asked for sticky rice. We were soooo happy. It was so great that Marc just said he wants to go again tonight! Now that is saying a lot.

Do yourself a “flavor” and Thai one on! Spice is nice!



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