Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Matzah

Hello All.

I am in the final stages of creating my first Passover Seder with Marc and his kids. As you can see, the Matzah balls are ready to be dropped in the soup!! His son Eric worked with me to make those and we created the menu together.

We’ve got everything ready for the Seder Plate too. For all of us non-Jewish people, this may seem “strange” – a special plate of specific foods. I know in my Italian Catholic home growing up, food was only about what we liked and not symbolic. The special foods of Passover are also food for thought – they all have a meaning. We’ve all said and heard people say to “never forget where you come from”. Passover is a holiday where Jewish people remember the struggles of their ancient people as they sought and achieved freedom. That is something everyone can relate to in their own cultures, families, and lives.

We have until sundown to get it all together. I’d provide a recipe but… let’s see how we do first… 🙂

If you do want to make a culinary nod to the traditions of our Jewish neighbors, have some chicken soup, grab some matzah, and if you’re in need of a sweet treat, why not dip that matzah in chocolate! Delish!

It’s the Festival of Freedom! Happy Passover!


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