Our Academy-Award Winning Menu for 2012!

Hello there movie fans and all our fans!

We are proud to unveil the 2012 Oscar Menu! As you may know, we base our menu on the Best Picture nominations. The challenge is to create a full meal rather than any number of apps, desserts, etc. I am proud to say that this year is the best ever! We’ve put together the most cohesive meal yet. Not a “stretch” in the list!

We’ll be providing the recipes over the next couple of days but we couldn’t wait to share!!!

Appetizers: “The Tree of Life”: The Brie of Life – Sweet & savory Brie with a variety of crackers. “War Horse”: Warm Borscht – served with crusty Pumpernickel bread.

Main Course: “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”: Extremely Proud – Incredible Roast! – Roasted Chicken.

Side Dishes: “Midnight in Paris”: Mixed Bites of Carrots – a colorful roasted carrots medley. “The Help”: The Helping (of mashed potatoes).

Salad: “HUGO”: HUGOat Cheese Salad – with cranberries, walnuts, mixed greens, and a raspberry vinaigrette.

Desserts: “The Descendants”: The Decadence – rich chocolate torte with a crusting of Macadamia nuts. “Moneyball”: Honeyball – sweet honeyed doughy treats. “The Artist”: The Tartist – Apple tart with a cream cheese base.

See our Menu Posters below:

Appetizer: The Brie of Life (for The Tree of Life)

Appetizer: Warm Borscht (for War Horse)

Main Course: Extremely Proud - Incredible Roast (for Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close)

Side Dish: Mixed Bites of Carrots (for Midnight in Paris)

Side Dish: The Helping - of Mashed Potatoes (for The Help)

Salad: HUGOat Cheese Salad (for HUGO)

Dessert: the Decadence (for The Descendants)

Dessert: Honeyball (for Moneyball)

Dessert: The Tartist (for The Artist)

These recipes are really easy and really delicious… you’ll see. Let us know what you think of our menu! We love to hear from you all.

Annette & Joe


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