KAJTPPPPlockupLOWe are very excited to announce our new product line, JUICE THIS™ Perfectly Portioned Produce Packs.

As fabulous as juicing is – the taste, the health benefits – the inconvenience of it almost negates it – the shopping, the waste, the expense, the funky-tasting recipes. There had to be an easier way – and now there is!

JUICE THIS™ is packs of portioned fruits & veggies to juice that taste great – no recipe, no measuring, no hassle – the directions are simply JUICE THIS™! And they cost less than buying the ingredients separately. Each pack yields about a quart of juice or more.

We’ve got 4 varieties:

fullOSweb O Snap™:
Carrots, Granny Smith Apples, & Ginger
We use jumbo carrots which have the sweetest, richest taste, combined with the sweet-tartness of Granny Smith Apples & a hunk of aromatic ginger root for a tasty snappy way to get your juice on.
fullOYHwebOrange You Happy™
Carrots, Oranges & Mango
Those wonderful jumbo carrots coupled with the zesty sweetness of oranges & the mellow richness of mango create a luscious blend that can only be described as happy.
Beets, Red Delicious Apples, & Lemon
The earthy sweetness of red beets added to the clean mild crispness of red delicious apples with the tanginess of lemon gives you a scrumptious taste-sation to seize the day.
Kale, Cucumbers, Lemon, & Lime
The bitterness of kale softened by the cool refreshing cucumbers with the tartness of lemon & lime make for an exquisite elixir that’s fit for a queen.
Today is the big announcement and launch! We’re working on getting it to a store near you. If you’re in the 48 contiguous states and want to purchase directly, contact us at order@KitchAnnette.com.

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