KitchAnnette RED CARPET MENUS is here!

Red Carpet MenusI am THRILLED to announce my new book – KitchAnnette RED CARPET MENUS: Delicious Dishes Inspired by 20 Years of Oscar® Best Picture Nominations!!

I’ve taken all of the recipes, menu plaques, tips, and stories of my fabulous annual viewing parties and gathered them into a wonderful new book!

You’ll get all the inside scoop about how I came up with the selections, a bit about those telecasts, and the recipes… ALL of them. And they are EASY!! You all know how I roll… if it’s not easy to make, I won’t make it, so serving “red carpet chic” is a snap!

You can preview Chapter 20 (our 2014 menu) and purchase the book directly from the KitchAnnette site (10% off until 3/3/14 with code 9SVRG2L8) or buy it from

I didn’t do it alone, I had a LOT of help over the years from my dear family and friends – and you! Every suggestion has moved the menu closer to being complete whether I have used it or not. If it wasn’t for my good friend, playwright Joe Gulla, being as excited as I about David Letterman hosting the 1995 telecast, and wanting to launch our own celebration, this could never have been possible.

This is the 20th year. I never thought this would become my “thing” and that I’d amass such an amazing collection (if I do say so myself… heh heh).

And don’t forget – the big show is on Sunday March 2, 2014! GET READY!!

OK… cue the “get off the stage” music… Thank you for your consideration!!!!



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