Happy Birthday, JUICE THIS™!

KitchAnnette™ JUICE THIS™ carafes

It’s a grand day! It was one year ago that the first line of Perfectly Portioned Produce Packs™ was launched!

With the simple, “Directions: JUICE THIS™”, you got your juice on in the quickest, tastiest, healthy way with O Snap™, Orange You Happy™, Red Set Go™, & Long Live The Green™. Your reaction has been so overwhelmingly positive. Thank you!

To celebrate, I’m announcing our new smaller sized Personal Packs! Although our original (now called Family Packs) are amazing, sometimes you don’t want a quart or more of delicious juice. An overflowing 16 oz. serving is all you would like. Same ease of use, same hassle-free solution, perfectly portioned to give you the same fabulous flavor every time. They’ll be available in the next couple of weeks.

I tweaked the site with this update and will be featuring a Prep Steps section in the next day or two. Watch for more Perfectly Portioned Produce Packs™ to come.

My cup runneth over… literally!



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