2016 Red Carpet Menu Round-up

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Another year of creating, cooking, and celebrating comes to a close! Last night’s Oscar celebration was FABULOUS!!

Chris Rock did a great job hitting on all the controversy and being hilarious! I LOVED Louis C.K.’s presentation bit too!

My guests were the BEST! Lots of yelling and eating and ruining everyone’s diets! Ha!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s Red Carpet Menu! Here’s a quick reference to all the dishes and recipes:

Baked Stuffed Brie – SHROOMhttp://www.kitchannette.com/baked-stuffed-brie-2016-red-carpet-menu-for-oscar/
Beer Braised Chicken – BRAISE OF THIGHShttp://www.kitchannette.com/beer-braised-chicken-2016-red-carpet-menu-for-oscar/

Main Course:
Short Ribs – THE BIG SHORT RIBShttp://www.kitchannette.com/short-ribs-2016-red-carpet-menu-for-oscar/

Side Dishes:
Broccolini – BROOCOLYNIhttp://www.kitchannette.com/broccolini-2016-red-carpet-menu-for-oscar/
Curried Mac & Cheese – MAD MACS: CURRY ROADhttp://www.kitchannette.com/curried-mac-cheese-2016-red-carpet-menu-for-oscar/

Brussel Sprouts & Radicchio Salad – SPROUTLIGHThttp://www.kitchannette.com/brussel-sprouts-radicchio-salad-2016-red-carpet-menu-for-oscar/

Red Velvet Cake Pops – THE MARSH-INhttp://www.kitchannette.com/red-velvet-cake-pops-2016-red-carpet-menu-for-oscar/
Bear Claw Danish Pastry – THE CLAWVENANThttp://www.kitchannette.com/bear-claw-danish-pastry-2016-red-carpet-menu-oscar/

Congratulations to all the winners!




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